As a teacher, I am able to be creative and have fun

I have always enjoyed science subjects and have been successful in my own academic career, obtaining my degree in Physics from Oxford University and continuing to complete a PhD in biomechanics at the University of Portsmouth.

Alongside academia I am also heavily involved in gymnastics as a competitor, coach and judge. I have a particular passion for coaching and find it incredibly satisfying to help other individuals achieve their goals. While working as a private tutor in Spain, I had the opportunity to combine my academic interests with my love of working with people. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and this is what inspired me to consider a career in teaching.

I have chosen to take the School-led PGCE (School Direct Route). I have had a lot of experience working with young people, and I wanted to be in the classroom from the start of my training. I felt this would be the most effective way to mould and develop my existing skills into becoming an effective secondary school teacher.

What I’m most enjoying most is having fun with physics (and science in general). I really enjoy thinking of creative ways to demonstrate complex ideas and feel that teaching provides a great opportunity to do this on a daily basis.

I have already gained so much from everyone I have met at the IOP events, including during the IOP Teacher Training Scholarship interview process. Having so many passionate physics specialists, each from different backgrounds, leads to fascinating discussions over a wide range of topics.

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