Entrepreneurship workshop instills innovative ideas

The Workshop on Entrepreneurship for Scientist and Engineers held in Mexico City during September gave us innovative ideas for solving problems by bringing together technical knowledge and skills and business analysis.

The participants – both young and experienced scientists and engineers – were very enthusiastic in learning to prepare to a pitch for cash for the own idea of developing a technology-based company in Mexico.

It was particularly illustrative for me to listen another female scientist talking about the way she has used the scientific method to set up a company, and how she is dealing with scientists’ egos while at managing the company’s costs.

I felt it was very important to learn from all these successful cases in order to rethink how would it be for me to develop a company, what strategy to follow, and so on.

The knowledge I’ve acquired will be very useful for me – after hearing what had been useful for those whose success stories were told at the workshop I now know how to adjust my activities. I also learned how to follow the steps to set up a technology-based enterprise, taking it seriously and consistently, taking my time and following correct processes here in Mexico.

I can definitively recommend taking part in these kind of courses to understand the process of taking the magnificent ideas out of the mind – and also the lab – and translating them into a real product to release into the market.

Martha Poisot

Dr Martha Poisot is a researcher in the Institute of Applied Chemistry at the University of Papaloapan, Mexico, mainly working on secondary raw materials and renewable resource materials like composites of cellulose matrix for several applications.

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