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Jonathan Flint, chief executive, Oxford InstrumentsOxford_Instruments_AR15 042

Physics BSc, masters MBA

Why did you first choose to study physics?
It seemed a subject that was both supremely practical and touched some truly fundamental questions.

What does your current work entail?
Managing a publicly listed company of 2000 people across 20 or so different sites around the world. We design and manufacture high-technology products for research and industry. While the work I do myself cannot any longer be regarded as physics, understanding the discipline is invaluable in managing the scientists and engineers who design and develop our products.

What did you do previously?
After university I started work on as a systems designer on communications satellites. I did some time in business development and marketing before becoming a general manager for parts of Marconi and then BAE Systems.

What does being a fellow of the Institute of Physics mean to you?
Being part of a community of likeminded individuals and keeping up with the latest thinking in the discipline.

Do you have any other involvement with the Institute’s activities?
I sat on the Council of the Institute for three years.

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