I chose physics teaching to make a better world

Image: Shutterstock/Valentina_G
Image: Shutterstock/Valentina_G

While growing up, many possible careers had crossed my mind. I wanted to become a veterinarian, a stewardess, a teacher…

Entering high school I enjoyed both the sciences and the humanities. But as I progressed my interests became more focused on the former.

The fact that so many phenomena revolve around a series of simple laws sparked my interest, and, while studying, I realised in more detail how charming physics is, and how it is beautifully manifested in everything around us.

I decided to train to become a physics teacher because I would love to show to my students how fascinating science is, hopefully inspire them as my teachers inspired me. Also, I’m passionate about working with children and helping them succeed in life. I love teaching and helping children believe in themselves and understand that they can do everything if they try.

I want to help them in having the opportunity to improve their lives and also to choose whichever career they wish. Teachers are the only ones who can prepare students for being part of society shaping their lives, making them better people in all aspects. I want to make this world a better place, and what better way to do this than education?

Teacher training in the UK offers a great chance for development and self-knowledge. The lessons, the tutors, the school mentors, the two placements and of course the IOP will offer great support that will be valuable in my development as a teacher, helping me to become like the teachers I admire.

Having been awarded an IOP Teacher Training Scholarship is a great honour, and it provided me with a lot of self-belief. This is very important especially for me, since I am coming from a foreign country. The fact that the IOP saw the potential in me and believed that I can be an excellent physics teacher makes me want to try more, and do my best to meet its expectations. I really feel part of a bigger society and immediately connected to so many people. The masterclasses and the supertrips will make this year much more interesting and exciting.

Being a member of the IOP together with my PGCE training will give me the chance to relearn the physics I already know and to familiarise myself with new ways to look at things, and show me exciting and simple ways to teach and communicate them effectively to my students. They’ll be able to see the fun of physics as I see it, and be inspired.

  • The next deadline for the IOP’s Teacher Training Scholarships is 31 October. Apply online now.
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Despoina Arvaniti

Despoina is training as a physics teacher at University College London’s Institute of Education, and was awarded an IOP Teacher Training Scholarship in 2016/17.

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