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The Institute of Physics Manchester and District Branch is one of the 14 Nations and Branches that represent members of the IOP across the country. Branches are member-led networks and are run by a committee of enthusiastic volunteers, and look to support members of the IOP in the local area, and promote physics to the wider public.

At the Manchester and District Branch we are a diverse group of very enthusiastic physicists, all of whom come from different cultural and professional backgrounds and we all share one vision: to promote physics, physics education and public understanding of physics.

Christie Theodorakou, chair of the Manchester and District Branch

I joined the Manchester and District Branch as an ordinary member in 2009 when I moved to Manchester from London. It was a very friendly and comfortable atmosphere and my commitment and engagement with the Branch’s activities grew with time.

Before completing my fourth year as an ordinary member, I was nominated and then elected as the chair of the branch. I inherited the position of chair from Vlad Vishnyakov, whose experience, commitment and enthusiasm made his tenure a very successful one.

I was lucky enough to be surrounded and supported by very experienced and motivated committee members and together with the continuous support from the North West regional officer, Dr Louise Butcher. I adapted to the new role quite quickly.

As chair I have the overall responsibility of the branch. Among my various responsibilities as chair, I organise and run the events, come up with new ideas and put them into action, organise committee meetings, answer enquiries, attend relevant meetings at the IOP in London, assist and motivate the committee members with their tasks, publicise our events, attend our events and the list is infinite.

We organise physics lectures every month between September and May each year. We invite well-established physicists to talk about their area of research and we co-host talks with the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society and the Manchester Science Festival. Every October together with Loreto College, we organise the Fabulous Physics event, which is aimed at GSCE students to encourage them to explore physics more.

We also participate in festivals like the Just So Festival and Jodrell Bank. The Young Person’s Lecture and Poster Competition is another event that we run every March. Students from schools, colleges and universities get their chance to present their topic of interest and the winner is awarded with a prize of £250.

This year the lecture competition is scheduled for 9 March, and we are still looking for participants. If you want to get involved, you can find out how to here; the deadline for submissions is 20 January.

Please get in touch with me if you have any suggestions, questions or if you want to get involved with the Branch’s activities. You can find out what other events we have planned on our online calendar. Alternatively, if you have any questions or want to get in touch, do drop us an email on: We love to hear from anyone who wants to get involved with our branch.

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Christie Theodorakou

Christie Theodorakou

Christie Theodorakou is the current chair of the Manchester and District Branch, one of our UK regional branches that look to bring physics to the members of the IOP in their local area.
Christie Theodorakou

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