Physics Insights

What is Physics Insights

‘Physics Insights’ is a resource for the community, developed and supported by the IOP. It provides information and insight about physics discovery and innovation in the UK.

Impact of Physics Insights
To increase knowledge and understanding of the current status of the Physics at the IOP and among physicists, businesses and policy-makers

Physics Insights in Current Political Climate

Physics Insights is an important resource in the current political climate – where there is uncertainty around Brexit, the development of the government’s industrial strategy and the formation of UKRI . Initial trials have indicated the potential transformational change it could make to the planning of investment and capability by our community and the national funding agencies.

IOP Members and Physics Insights

Working with member, Physics Insights is enabling IOP to better represent the community accurately and in a way that is strongly informed by evidence. Physics2020 forms the basis of a long-term investment into a much stronger evidence base for our policy work.

Physics Insights ! Answers to the Questions of Physics Community
It answers many questions that Physicist and Physics community has in mind for example

  • Where is physics happening around the UK and around the world?
  • Where are the big facilities and clusters of excellence?
  • Where are the opportunities for collaboration?
  • What are the hot topics emerging in physics?
  • Which areas of physics are being applied to innovation?
  • Many other questions

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