Reflections on #InnovationApril

Ce9xovtWEAAMihoIf you follow the IOP on Twitter, you’ll have spotted that we spent most of last month focusing on the various innovation-related things we do, which we tied together with the hashtag #InnovationApril.

That was among the first steps in trying to change the way the Institute talks about and promotes its work – to become somewhat more coherent in what we do, and when we do it.

Innovation is central to the IOP’s economy strategy, and we happened to have a few loosely related things happening around the same time, from the workshops helping scientists and engineers in the low-income countries shore up their entrepreneurial skills to our big event on physics in food manufacturing, which ended up getting twice as many people attending as we hoped. And then we shoehorned in that it was the last full month before closure of entries to our Innovation Awards, aimed at celebrating companies that have built success on the innovative application of physics.

By promoting all of these at the same time, as a package of similarly themed work, we hope that each item boosts the other and the whole adds up to more than the sum of its parts.

It’ll take us little while to properly evaluate how it’s gone. There’s almost certainly room for improvement. But we’re going to keep experimenting, and this month we’re highlighting the many and varied benefits of being a member of the Institute – we’re calling it #MembershipMay.

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    Christopher White

    Christopher White

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