Buy gravitational-wave art and support entrepreneurship in the developing world

For the past 10 years we and our partner organisations have run workshops around the world with the intention of introducing scientists and engineers to the concept of business.IOP Gravitational Waves Poster

The workshops are also run for university students studying for STEM-based degrees who have an idea that they would like to commercialise, or an interest in pursuing entrepreneurship as a career option. Participants work closely with a team of international and in-country speakers for three to five days to begin their learning around market analysis, networking, financial estimations, pitching for cash, patenting and intellectual property, to name just a few.

Over the past year we’ve run workshops in India, Tanzania, Brazil, China and Mexico, and also brought participants from low- to middle-income countries to a workshop in Italy. On all occasions, participants and hosts alike have expressed the importance of this training, as it is not something that is included in a typical degree programme and therefore many are never exposed to the idea of commercialising their inventions. Business has the potential to change communities and in time whole countries and it is with this in mind that we continue this branch of charitable work.

Our work has also become linked with the detection of gravitational waves and one entrepreneur’s vision to share this amazing discovery through art. In June last year, Joshua Eichler-Summers approached us with an idea to support this much-needed programme of work through this venture. He’s designed a poster to celebrate the detection, and, with the support of some of the greatest minds in the field, will launch the poster on the first anniversary of the discovery. From this, Joshua has pledged to donate 30% of the profits to the entrepreneurship workshops and it is through this that we hope to run more training than ever.

  • For more information on the entrepreneurship workshops see the IOP website and please do support our work by buying a poster.
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