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We’ve redesigned our blog to give us a chance to talk about what the IOP’s staff and members are getting up to, what we (that’s the communications team) think about the portrayal of physics in the media, and somewhere to publish and promote interesting data that our policy and education teams unearth.

We want to shine a light on the Institute, its 50,000 members and its staff, and what we do to keep physics strong in the UK and Ireland, conveying our work through the personal lenses of the people actually doing it. We’ll be promoting what we do, and, we hope, inspiring our community to work with us to progress in our mission for physics. Our community is a composite of many different groups – with members in research, industry and teaching, with friends in partner organisations, and, of course, our staff – and we want everyone to get involved in making this blog a success.

We’re kicking off with some staple content, hearing from both an IOP branch and a group member on what the purpose of our branches and groups are and why our two blogging members enjoy being part of them.

Our education data guru Tom is publishing the first three of seven posts of educational numbers he’s been crunching. While not all of the data that we work with can generate national news headlines, we still want a space to share what we find, and we hope this is something that you’ll keep coming back for.

As the communications team, we’re often struck by trends in physics news reporting or interesting developments in social media that have the potential to affect the way physicists communicate their research or interests. We’re going to be using our news and opinion column to highlight these trends and, we hope, start some interesting discussions with like-minded science communicators.

If any of the topics written about trigger a thought, please do share your comments below the blog pieces. We want to hear from you.

There’s a team of four of us working on the blog – me (Joe, head of communications), Chris (our content editor), Philippa (our media officer) and Tom (our digital content editor). While we’re going to be working together to produce and commission content from around the IOP and beyond, this site will thrive on ideas from all sections of our community so please do drop us a line via blog@iop.org if you want to suggest a topic for discussion.

We’ll be promoting the content on Twitter (@physicsnews) and Facebook (/InstituteofPhysics) so keep an eye out for us there.

We’ll be working to publish fresh and interesting content to spur lots of interesting discussions. We hope you feel compelled to comment – and to keep coming back.

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